What are the benefits of quitting smoking?

Cigarettes flicker between two fingers. It burns itself with the vitality of human beings. Cigarettes in secret, bidi smoke in the air slowly disappears. Nothing is felt. The consequences of a long-term friendship with such a silent killer are very bad, as any human being understands. Yet there is no enlightenment. People addicted to tobacco are dragging cigarettes and bidis. The alligator of their health is also being smoked like the surroundings. Large complex crisis.

To get rid of this horror, you have to quit smoking. Must be committed. One day, as soon as you start smoking, throw away your cigarettes and bidis. Make a complete separation. None more. By no means.

A revolution will happen in your body within a few minutes after the separation is complete. Many positive changes will start in the wartime activities. The body will automatically start repairing the damage by turning on the ‘auto recovery mode’. Let’s find out what are the benefits of quitting smoking. What are the benefits of quitting smoking 20 minutes after quitting: Smoking raises blood pressure and pulse rate. Within 20 minutes of quitting smoking, blood pressure and pulse rate return to normal. The temperature of the hands and feet is ordinary.

Eight hours after quitting smoking: Cigarette smoking increased the amount of carbon monoxide in the blood. Just 6 hours after the last cigarette, the body tries to normalize the level of carbon monoxide in the blood.

Smoking even lowers the level of oxygen in the blood. Oxygen levels are normal after this time.

Within 24 hours of quitting smoking: Smoking increases the risk of heart attack. But you would be surprised to know that the risk of heart attack starts to decrease after just 24 hours of separation from smoking.

48 hours after cessation: Nerve endings begin to grow again. If you have a habit of smoking, your ability to taste and smell is reduced. After 48 hours, that power is on its way to normal again.

Except for two to three months: If you stay away from smoking for two to three months, the physical changes will be noticeable.

During this period

1. The blood flow in the body starts to get better

2. The lungs repair their damage and increase their efficiency by 30 percent.

3. It is no longer difficult to breathe. If you walk a little, don’t breathe anymore. You can roll. If you are old, you can try to run. You can climb the stairs.

4. If you want, you can easily break a sweat in the gym. It will not be as difficult as before.

From one month to nine months: There are small hairs in the lungs. Her name is Celia. This cilia helps keep the lungs clean as well as many more important things. The problem is that smoking harms the cilia. So sometimes coughing, chest congestion, infection, etc. are the problems.

Within a few months of quitting smoking, Celia began to heal her wounds. Then you will realize that coughing and coughing are becoming less and less. Even the risk of infectious diseases is reduced. Problems like frequent colds and sore throats are also reduced.

 Smoking has a relationship with headaches. Within a few days of quitting smoking, the problem began to go away. Sometimes there is no headache. This also increases your ability to concentrate at certain times. The mind will sit at work easily.

One year after quitting smoking: One year after quitting smoking, people who quit smoking are half as likely to develop coronary artery disease in the heart. In other words, the days of palpitating for fear of heart problems are almost over.

Benefits of quitting smoking for five years: Five years after quitting smoking, the need to remember the gruesome pictures and warnings of cancer printed on cigarette packs is greatly reduced.

 The danger of kicking the bucket from cellular breakdown in the lungs is divided.

 The risk of cancer in the mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, kidneys, pancreas is also reduced many times.

People who have never smoked are just as likely to have a stroke as you are five years after quitting.

Benefits in Chronic Diseases: Diabetes, Kidney Failure, Asthma and many other complex diseases are followed by an unprecedented improvement in the body after quitting smoking. So stay healthy and quit smoking today with family in mind. Believe me, you will be much better.

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