The demand for counseling in schools is increasing.

Speaking of counselling, the word of engineering college came before our eyes. Counsellors are the ones who face future students and discuss future plans before being admitted to the college after being ranked with a joint. Parents also approach counsellors with their children to find out if there is a possibility of improvement in a student who is mentally disturbed. Most people can’t think of anything more than a counsellor.

Times are changing. Now the parents are worried about the education of the students from a young age. Therefore, parents are always thinking about the future of their young child if they study about any subject besides behaviour and character formation from their childhood. Besides education, parents are also worried about the benefits of sports, swimming and drawing. They want to pull the rush from childhood. But he is only at home. What happens when you go to school? Is the child studying properly there, or is he just doing mischief! Parents often complain that the teachers are not paying proper attention. But in reality, in most cases, there are a lot of students in the school. And the number of teachers is less than required. As a result, it is not possible to pay attention to all the children even after trying. Besides, it is not possible for teachers to sit with children for a long time and solve their problems by understanding their mentality. They also have to take more than one class. It is not possible to solve a child’s problem or talk by stopping it.

Then the way! Trust that counsellor. But the school counsellor, it does not happen again! Of course, it is. Now counsellors are being kept in reputed schools of the country. Counsellors like to guide naughty students to calm down. They do not quarrel like adults, but they make things easier on childish roads.

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